How to become part of our community

East Bristol Hops are always looking for new members. Our goal is to become self-sufficient by propagating enough hop plants such that everyone interested in joining the association can just be given one.

Until then, though, we will be placing an order for rhizomes early in the new year. If you'd like to join in next year's harvest, please leave your details via the Contact tab so we can get in touch with you nearer the time regarding how to order and how much your plant will cost. As an example, in previous years we have charged £18 per plant,
which includes not only the hop itself but also almost everything else you'll need to get set up.
If you'd like to get involved, but don't have any spare cash, do please still get in touch as we have a limited number of plants propagated by our growers which we could donate for free.
Finally, if you wish to keep on top of East Bristol Hops news, please subscribe to our mailing list, and check out our socials – we’re on both Facebook and Twitter

Where it all began

East Bristol Hops was formed in 2016 by four friends who had the idea to bring together a community of hop growers in Bristol who collectively would provide green hops to a local brewery for a uniquely Bristolian brew.
Within a few weeks of first talking about the idea, the original team of organisers had a brewery on board (Dawkins Ales) and an enthusiastic community of growers. That September 7kg of fresh, green hops were harvested and were used to make the first edition of a beer dubbed Easton Promise, which we launched during Cask Ale Week.

old admins of east bristol hops
old party of east bristol hops

The association has gone from strength to strength since that first year as plants get more established, the number of contributors increases and the amount of harvested hops goes up. In our second year, the harvest was over 20 kilos - a significant milestone as it meant the 2017 beer contained only locally grown cones. Bringing together people with a passion for beer, small breweries and their community has been the chief goal of the association since its inception.
If you'd like to get involved, please get in touch

What's this Beer then?

The Beer is called Easton Promise – a name that was chosen in a competition held amongst our first wave of growers, who now number well over a hundred and are spread all over the Bristol area.

Easton Promise pump clips

The recipe is somewhat of a secret, as it changes year on year, but we Promise you it's good!
What we can tell you, is that Dawkins Ales expertly craft our hops into this fantastic beer.

What we can tell you, is that Dawkins Ales expertly craft our hops into this fantastic beer, which is packed full of locally-grown wet Bullion, Fuggles and Primadonna (UK) hops.
Its super-fresh, grassy, hoppy flavours are only possible because the hops are picked straight off the Bine, capturing all the delicate volatile aromas from the natural hop oils.
What's the ABV?
Well, this is a concept beer so we'll let you know when we know!

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