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We are an ever-expanding independent group of like-minded people, who love to grow hop plants and drink quality beer!

What's in the Brew Kettle/Announcements 2021?

  • Hops Drop Only- Friday 24th September 4-8pm @ Dawkins Brewery, please leave your name and variety (if known) with the bar tender.
  • Hops Drop Only - Saturday 25th September 2-8pm @ Dawkins Brewery, please leave your name and variety (if known) with the bar tender.
  • The Great Hop Cropathon/Crop Social - Monday 27th September 4-8pm we'll be gathering at Dawkins to pick hops off bines. If you can't harvest all your cones yourself, cut down your bines and bring them to Dawkins taproom where a team (we hope) will be on hand to help pull cones from bine.
  • Last Chance Emergency Hops Drop - Tuesday 28th September 10-5pm , this must be arranged with the brewery first, so please call in advance (0117 955 9503).
  • Brew Day - Wednedsay 29th September, if you jumped on the EBH crowdfunder reward you may get to be invited to this!
  • Beer Bottleing - Thursday 7th October.
  • Growers Party - Thursday 28th October 5-9pm @ Dawking Brewery.

If possible when harvesting hops, could all growers separate their varieties. Most people will have Prima Donna (Dwarf), Fuggles or Bullion (Full Size), we are aware some growers have other varieties or may have inherited their plants, so are unsure what they are. If we can keep them all separate we can create an extra special brew by adding them at different times during the brewing process.

Dates are subject to change. For updates keep an eye on your inbox. If you're not signed up to the mailing list please do here to stay up to date with all the hoppy action!

So what's it all about?

Good question! It's all about hops and beer but mostly hops. Whether they’re in pots or the ground, and whether they’re on our allotments, balconies, gardens or pretty much anywhere hops can grow, we will grow them.

Visit our HopsWiki. for more information on growing hops.

Everyone who gets involved will join a passionate community of growers and experience the simple pleasure of watching the hop mature, as well as the joy of harvesting their ‘cones’ on the same day as everyone else and collectively adding them to that year’s brew.

Beer is usually made with dried hops or compressed dried pellets which have lost a lot of their oils and flavours. Our green hop ale is unusual because we get the hops from the bines to the brewing kettle in hours, so more of the flavour is preserved.

In other words, with good local hops, you can brew a unique beer with a very special taste.

hops on a bine
bags of hops

By early autumn the beer is ready for sampling, which everyone in the association gets to do at a party as soon as it’s brewed.

What's more, you’ll also be able to wander into your local pub and buy a pint that you helped make.

If you want to know more about how to be a part of this fantastic community please check out our About page!